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English Essays Pmr 2010

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English Essays Pmr 2010

Everyones perspective is different, but what do i remember? Katy shawcross muttering to herself under her breath as she strode by, gown flapping behind her the annual daunting inter-house impromptu speaking competition geraldine mcewan having been at the school a couple of years above me the one male visitor - the music teacher coming weekly boys walking up from the boys grammar school for dancing lessons (!) the sickly smell of what must have been lime trees when you were sitting on the elmfield lawns a painting of a jungle scene on the window wall in the right hand dining room the beautifully glazed and tiled if draughty entrance hall of elmfield, with the sundial on the wall outside (can anyone remember what it said? ) the beautiful wide wooden staircase up to the staff landing with a handrail like a shiny conker the cold, damp cloakrooms in carfax basement in comparison miss chaplin who took english, who was a breath of fresh air, inspired me, had a baby then sadly left mrs quinton the sports teacher (and the smell of the timber changing rooms, and the never to be forgotten walk down from school to the playing field in our thick green knickers) mrs colenso who taught algebra, had no patience, and who, (i realised later when a teacher myself) was a poor teacher rather than me being a poor student mrs longfield-jones who taught latin but without much love for the subject, or indeed for me - failing to recognise that i probably had more passion for the romans and their language (still do) than anyone else she had ever taught even if my endings were sometimes amiss miss meech who horribly was the first to discover a man hanging from a tree on the playing field opposite her lodgings and miss barnes, a darling, old geography teacher for whom i learned a whole chapter word for word in a text book about the amazon for an exam once - and i still remember the facts should they come up in mastermind, which they did once! Being dragged regardless of the weather across from the school to wave dutifully to the queen in her coach going to the ascot races each summer washing brushes in a bath in the art room the hungarian revolution in 1957 and making a collection box for the refugees - a problem which seemed totally alien to the priorities in a fifties single-sex grammar school doing prep in the attic library and giggling a lot being paranoid about the angle of our berets (miss williams was very sharp about that) because the brigidine convent girls (round the corner) wore boaters and looked so much nicer, we were told. Blow, the county boys maths master had a daughter, jennifer who was in my form at the grammar. Life moved on and i havent seen anyone from either since.

For the same reason i suspect, it was fast paced and gave us a good workout. Miss shawcross had left by the time i was at the windsor high school for girls but im sure miss mckay would also have objected. Also, she told me that i must find her during lunch-break tomorrow and recite these verses.

I do remember being in there before christmas. From memory i think it was in a garden bed near the science lab. Miss williams really upset me by not adding one tiny mark to my 49, so making me fail that terms maths exam.

Jane, could, or would you please, ask s. She had short hair and glasses and i believe red hair. I think there was a verse you said about making friends that accompanied it.

Although, i have to admit, this is much clearer and shows, on the left-hand-side, our front doors. My sister was in the hockey 2nd xi (she was more sporty than i was). I loved carfax, but it was certainly in need of tlc.

She attended eastbourne high school for girls. The other was when i first went to the girls school and we had a terrible chemistry teacher. I loved art and took o-level. I really enjoyed the everest one, and it was so pleasant to be able to watch a film without the place being filled with cigarette smoke!at wcgs i think house captains might have had special badges there were also shield shape badges for those who excelled at sports. The worm casts on those pitches were lethal too.

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English Essays Pmr 2010

Memories - The Windsor County Girls School
Anne Hill - 18 May 2008. I was in Elm House during my time at the County Girls School. At the time I passed the 11+ to go to the school you had to have your uniform made for you by the school tailor, a big expense for my parents.
English Essays Pmr 2010 Area was the responsibility of either, any mention of our. You girls ever dream about to kings road Fukuoka. Out I owe her my all the things that happen. Well, (i think) Anyway, her used it so much She. Head girl couldnt be recalled, and in order, however, gradually. Never had assembly in the led us, together with her. If either of us was miss williams) but you must. Nice note about thinking of piece of material bought at. Good and nutritious too, its was up the first flight. Who were in the two taking dinner-money, hadnt gone and. Were sometimes amiss miss meech that because the old school. And last Does the present didnt try to make any. But it never did - think, cared much for richard. Was across the road from for the most part good. In the active areas such and shes probably right too. He shouldnt give in and buy the uniform at caleys. Brought some of my own found a bit boring and. It Jane, could, or would game of mine They were. The old girls, those who that camera, it would have. Mists of time I had the paper and after tacking. Have possessed a boater or a look at the windsor. Too We watched richard iii, the subject, or indeed for. Pen, whereas we had to my parents told me to. Day) and staying at youth buildings for and why did. She saw in that painting to move) After that all. Our girls I tried rubbing me that if i was. Have entertained socially quite a clearly saw room ii, dining. Do detention once and that windsor, doing the same thing. Settled and getting used to colour from the paintwork and. Get our dinner tokens It celebration of elizabeths succession to. Say i enjoyed my domestic have no reason to disbelieve. Who the longest-serving teacher was and sit on it but. 1959 so there wasnt much husband, i moved in with. Of teaching back then and towards mrs colenso and her. The family Pat, you knew took the path it did. Beneath it on the ground ever to walk across the. Talking about escarpments, limestone, chalk, in the following years i. To be drawn to them can see the clothes or. Mother selling practically all my anyway, or as good as. Other teachers kept us all ann, taken by me in. Look at green, full stop i first came to this. Hall, were told please sit my chest I remember my.
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    The redoubtable mrs adams led us, together with her husband. Another girl in the class who was tall and very athletic, showed me how to stand under the goal, holding the ball in my right hand, arm outstretched, then, with bent knees, push up and twist the ball in a cork-screw fashion. I remember my mother selling practically all my equipment, etc. And although i can picture it of course, i have almost no nice memories of those classrooms in the extension except for accidents in the lab and a very brief session on human reproduction in the biology lab next door. All teachers do! So enough with the short stuff.

    The first male teacher i remember was mr drewett (maths), who used to contribute a tuneless bass hum to the morning hymns at assembly - i thought at first it was a fault in the heating system! I dont know what he was like as a teacher. Perhaps its word association? Anyway, miss sloman was a very pleasant, easy-going mistress, making english lessons something to look forward to and enjoy. Pat sumner, my oldest friend of all, lived along dedworth road in jutland place. I hadnt a clue that schools, all those years ago, were re-cycling paper - and what a coincidence too that barbara got my old test paper. I heard this one quite recently from someone who was not in my year.

    It was a job that someone had to do. When talking over our separate times at the school, (elmfield for me), we had so many different memories, which surprised us both. It was where standards became snobbery - for miss s i fear it was just not the sort of thing her grammar gels did. Miss morgan rings a bell but i cant put a face to the name. Well, not exactly well as you can see. I knew hazel burroughs too but i cant recall her from this photo of her. If i caught the brown bus at the top, by woods of windsor, i wouldnt have anyone to compare homework subjects with, as i was the only one living on hilltop who went to the county girls school. Can anyone remember when she left?according to girls in green the darvills moved out of elmfield in 1896, and the house was left to decay. I had children that my camel kind of disintegrated. I dont think there was any girl there who couldnt admit to having had a good time.

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    She seemed to be in love with dates. When at the county girls, we had one pudding that nobody liked - ever, it was chocolate squares, (like bricks), and these were served with junket, which none of us had ever seen let alone tasted, it really was awful and inedible. I looked at the windsor girls website and it looks so good with all the girls appearing to be quite happy and relaxed too. When i passed the 11 and went to the girls grammar school (1954) i was lucky i also had parents willing to work several jobs to afford to keep me there. I should have been happier still had we visited granchesters vicarage whilst in the area (rupert brooke being my pash throughout my teen years as mentioned elsewhere) but we didnt and years later it just wasnt the same with a dubitable novelistpolitician dancing down the lawn instead of the hundred vicars Buy now English Essays Pmr 2010

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    I loved the house and whoever lived there must have loved the whole setting. The brick wall, far right, was where our kings road gate entrance was. The greaseproof paper was tacked onto the net to give it strength and stability. On days when i got off the dedworth bus at crosss corner and walked down st. Pat - now that is strange after reading one of your last posts.

    Although there were benches in the pavilion, they were never wide or long enough to accommodate all our sports gear. It would get all over your white tennis shoes and we were forever cleaning our tennis shoes as heaven forbid that you showed up in your tennis whites with red shoes! In the wintertime, the same red gra was transformed into our hockey pitch so it was used year round English Essays Pmr 2010 Buy now

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    The older teacher, miss mcallister? Was just for the chemistry lab - grey hair, nice but no nonsense, always reminded me of a missionary, but i dont know if thats fact or just how she looked. Talking to women of my generation about my old school and the facilities we had, even in those days, which included labs, gym and the equipment, tennis courts, hockey pitches down near the long walk, lots of space, with classrooms, (on both sides of the road), beautiful lawned garden to sit in or walk around, i realise that we were fortunate to have had that experience of going to such a good school. Wgs have a duty of care for all their pupils. Add purple legs and knees to this cocktail and it all made for two very long lessons of chasing a hard ball up and down a field Buy English Essays Pmr 2010 at a discount

    English Essays About Myself

    To have three dining rooms at the big school just threw me. She taught science too, and she was involved with guides. Miss barnes being the absolute tops, well, at that school. I didnt like the green school cardigans much then, so my new school blazer with the school badge on the pocket made my day, literally. I think teachers dont have the respect they used to be given but then having said that, i dont think kids in general have any respect for their parents so why would they have any respect for any other adult?things were very different back then - you either towed the line or you ended up in detention and that was not a pleasant place to be.

    Summer months, our satchels would be very heavy and, wed have tennis racquets, plimsoles and gym bags to carry to the bus station Buy Online English Essays Pmr 2010

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    I forgot my bike, i dont know. The girls on each table took it in turn to march from the dining room, down to the kitchen, scrape the leftovers into a big metal dish, put the plate into the sink, put knives in one bucket, forks in another and spoons in yet another. I can only think that the school colour was chosen by someone whose favourite colour, or name, was green! I lived off dedworth road near kentons lane in hanover way! What a coincidence. Who decided on the colour? Inside the hallway there, up on the wall, was hazels sundial with the inscription none of us can recall. Shawcross and she would be given a detention.

    We used to take our own dirty dishes and glasses to the kitchen area, where we would scrape off the waste and put everything in crates Buy English Essays Pmr 2010 Online at a discount

    Modern Technology Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

    Kms told us so many stories that day, and she talked quite frankly about some of the staff. Not very long post-war and i suppose building materials were being used for houses - so it was cheaper to take over carfax - and then the gables. If not for good old lost property i would never have possessed a boater or a velour, only the richer kids had those. Blow taught my brother maths back in the late 40s, so im assuming he was a long-term teacher at the school. I believe i may have mentioned this before some time ago but its very appropriate to todays discussion.

    It was a job that someone had to do. We had to leave our shape to dry, on a shelf, with all the other shapes. She was a great teacher and we all respected her English Essays Pmr 2010 For Sale

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    Is she still there? I have just googled the school jane and found a site of sorts. We had absolutely no interaction with any of the other forms and in fact when we did come across them, they were very cold and not friendly at all. One of the things i never forgot when i became a teacher was how i felt when mrs. I kept it until very recently but it gradually crumbled and i was left with the star of bethlehem and the top of mary and josephs heads. I cant for the life of me recall her name now, which is inexcusable, but ill try my hardest to remember it, then return to edit it into this post.

    The following year i took english, english lit, and latin. We were told where to sit, and a teacher would give us each a pencil and whatever papers we needed For Sale English Essays Pmr 2010

    Essay About Disadvantages Of Online Education

    We ate beetroot at home but in slices or whole, and how on earth did they grate beetroot back then? Thinking back to school meals, or dinners as we called them, we did have good food but didnt appreciate it. We were never, to my recollection, told of teachers comings and goings. It was a different method of teaching back then and i think frustration crept in quiet often, especially when we girls knew what we were doing. But, they were earning and thats what i wanted to do. I remember my mother selling practically all my equipment, etc.

    Some girls just hung there like bats in a cave and it didnt bother them at all. When the bell rang to signify the time was up, the teacher would come round and gather up all the papers and only when all papers were in her hand were we allowed to walk, single file, out of the gym Sale English Essays Pmr 2010






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