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Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay

Essay on Dictatorship vs. Democracy - Essay on Dictatorship vs. Democracy -
Democracy in any country means the rule by elected representatives. It has been defined as the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay

The two world wars in this century and their attendant revolutions and upheavals simply had the effect of extending those principles spatially, such that the various provinces of human civilization were brought up to the level of its most advanced outposts, and of forcing those societies in europe and north america at the vanguard of civilization to implement their liberalism more fully. Gorbachev has finally permitted people to say what they had privately understood for many years, namely, that the magical incantations of marxism-leninism were nonsense, that soviet socialism was not superior to the west in any respect but was in fact a monumental failure. In this respect kojève stands in sharp contrast to contemporary german interpreters of hegel like herbert marcuse who, being more sympathetic to marx, regarded hegel ultimately as an historically bound and incomplete philosopher.

Believers in this line of thought take the relations that existed between the participants in the classical nineteenth century european balance of power as a model for what a de-ideologized contemporary world would look like. Desire for access to the consumer culture, created in large measure by japan, has played a crucial role in fostering the spread of economic liberalism throughout asia, and hence in promoting political liberalism as well. Even though i recognize its inevitability, i have the most ambivalent feelings for the civilization that has been created in europe since 1945, with its north atlantic and asian offshoots.

While he finds this more reassuring than the threat posed by a communist russia, he implies that there will still be a substantial degree of competition and conflict in the international system, just as there was say between russia and britain or wilhelmine germany in the last century. The central issue is the fact that the peoples republic of china can no longer act as a beacon for illiberal forces around the world, whether they be guerrillas in some asian jungle or middle class students in paris. It does not allow for diversity of political opinion and belief but tends towards political regimentation or standardization of human beings.

This freedom has advantage as it enables the individual to grow freely. International life for the part of the world that has reached the end of history is far more preoccupied with economics than with politics or strategy. After a couple of initial years of ideological confusion, these principles have finally been incorporated into policy with the promulgation of new laws on enterprise autonomy, cooperatives, and finally in 1988 on lease arrangements and family farming.

Obviously fascist ideologies cannot be universalistic in the sense of marxism or liberalism, but the structure of the doctrine can be transferred from country to country. China could not now be described in any way as a liberal democracy. Western countries, almost all of them the children of the chinese elite.

It is easy to forget as well how momentous the outcome of asian ideological struggles seemed for world political development as a whole. Why was it that these countries moved away from central planning only in the 1980s the answer must be found in the consciousness of the elites and leaders ruling them, who decided to opt for the protestant life of wealth and risk over the catholic path of poverty and security. The internal politics of the byzantine empire at the time of justinian revolved around a conflict between the so-called monophysites and monothelites, who believed that the unity of the holy trinity was alternatively one of nature or of will. Both in older russia and germany countless executions were ordered for the stability of dictatorship. But the century that began full of self-confidence in the ultimate triumph of western liberal democracy seems at its close to be returning full circle to where it started not to an end of ideology or a convergence between capitalism and socialism, as earlier predicted, but to an unabashed victory of economic and political liberalism.

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Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay

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Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay For one thing, most liberal european societies were illiberal insofar as they believed in the legitimacy of imperialism, that is, the right of one nation to rule over other nations without regard for the wishes of the ruled. How will the overall characteristics of a de-ideologized world differ from those of the one with which we are familiar at such a hypothetical juncture? The most common answer is - not very much. This led to a drive for pure territorial aggrandizement in the latter half of the century and played no small role in causing the great war. I want to avoid the materialist determinism that says that liberal economics inevitably produces liberal politics, because i believe that both economics and politics presuppose an autonomous prior state of consciousness that makes them possible. One need look no further than the recent performance of vietnamese immigrants in the u. Liberalism in asia was a very weak reed in the period after world war i it is easy today to forget how gloomy asias political future looked as recently as ten or fifteen years ago. There are currently over 20,000 chinese students studying in the u, But whether a highly productive modern industrial society chooses to spend 3 or 7 percent of its gnp on defense rather than consumption is entirely a matter of that societys political priorities.
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    But just as surely the cultural heritage of those far eastern societies, the ethic of work and saving and family, a religious heritage that does not, like islam, place restrictions on certain forms of economic behavior, and other deeply ingrained moral qualities, are equally important in explaining their economic performance. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. The expansionist and competitive behavior of nineteenth-century european states rested on no less ideal a basis it just so happened that the ideology driving it was less explicit than the doctrines of the twentieth century. Economic statistics do not begin to describe the dynamism, initiative, and openness evident in china since the reform began. These representatives attend the legislature and act on behalf of the citizens.

    But the problem is no longer a conceptual one gorbachev and his lieutenants seem to understand the economic logic of marketization well enough, but like the leaders of a third world country facing the imf, are afraid of the social consequences of ending consumer subsidies and other forms of dependence on the state sector. We might summarize the content of the universal homogenous state as liberal democracy in the political sphere combined with easy access to vcrs and stereos in the economic. The former saw the political weakness, materialism, anomie, and lack of community of the west as fundamental contradictions in liberal societies that could only be resolved by a strong state that forged a new people on the basis of national exclusiveness. The role of the state in agriculture was reduced to that of a tax collector, while production of consumer goods was sharply increased in order to give peasants a taste of the universal homogenous state and thereby an incentive to work. Unlike later historicists whose historical relativism degenerated into relativism tout court, however, hegel believed that history culminated in an absolute moment - a moment in which a final, rational form of society and state became victorious.

    Indeed, as our experiences in dealing with europe on matters such as terrorism or libya prove, they are much further gone than we down the road that denies the legitimacy of the use of force in international politics, even in self-defense. Francis fukuyama is deputy director of the state departments policy planning staff and former analyst at the rand corporation. But in fact, in many traditional peasant communities, raising the piece-work rate actually had the opposite effect of labor productivity at the higher rate, a peasant accustomed to earning two and one-half marks per day found he could earn the same amount by working less, and did so because he valued leisure more than income. Western capitalism and political liberalism when transplanted to japan were adapted and transformed by the japanese in such a way as to be scarcely recognizable. See his article, beyond the cold war, new republic, december 19, 1988. A recent example of this is paul kennedys hugely successful , which ascribes the decline of great powers to simple economic overextension. In the contemporary world only islam has offered a theocratic state as a political alternative to both liberalism and communism. Why was it that these countries moved away from central planning only in the 1980s the answer must be found in the consciousness of the elites and leaders ruling them, who decided to opt for the protestant life of wealth and risk over the catholic path of poverty and security. It does not allow for diversity of political opinion and belief but tends towards political regimentation or standardization of human beings. And in this respect i believe that something very important has happened in the soviet union in the past few years the criticisms of the soviet system sanctioned by gorbachev have been so thorough and devastating that there is very little chance of going back to either stalinism or brezhnevism in any simple way.

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    This notion was expressed in the famous aphorism from the preface to the to the effect that everything that is rational is real, and everything that is real is rational. For there is a very widespread belief among many observers of international relations that underneath the skin of ideology is a hard core of great power national interest that guarantees a fairly high level of competition and conflict between nations. In the political sphere, the proposed changes to the soviet constitution, legal system, and party rules amount to much less than the establishment of a liberal state. In the post-historical period there will be neither art nor philosophy, just the perpetual caretaking of the museum of human history Buy now Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay

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    Modern liberalism itself was historically a consequence of the weakness of religiously-based societies which, failing to agree on the nature of the good life, could not provide even the minimal preconditions of peace and stability. Hegels view of the relationship between the ideal and the real or material worlds was an extremely complicated one, beginning with the fact that for him the distinction between the two was only apparent. Its best known propagator was karl marx, who believed that the direction of historical development was a purposeful one determined by the interplay of material forces, and would come to an end only with the achievement of a communist utopia that would finally resolve all prior contradictions Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay Buy now

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    Since people themselves elect the members of government, the need for a revolution does not arise. In fact, modern economists, recognizing that man does not always behave as a -maximizer, posit a utility function, utility being either income or some other good that can be maximized leisure, sexual satisfaction, or the pleasure of philosophizing. Democracy thus offers favourable atmosphere for development of human personality. The former saw the political weakness, materialism, anomie, and lack of community of the west as fundamental contradictions in liberal societies that could only be resolved by a strong state that forged a new people on the basis of national exclusiveness. One need look no further than the recent performance of vietnamese immigrants in the u Buy Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay at a discount

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    See the long note at the end of the second edition of. The simple existence of communist china created an alternative pole of ideological attraction, and as such constituted a threat to liberalism. This is certainly not what happened to china after it began its reform process. But whatever the particular ideological basis, every developed country believed in the acceptability of higher civilizations ruling lower ones - including, incidentally, the united states with regard to the philippines. Dictatorship, therefore, by its very nature hampers the free development of the human personality.

    It is hegels misfortune to be known now primarily as marxs precursor and it is our misfortune that few of us are familiar with hegels work from direct study, but only as it has been filtered through the distorting lens of marxism Buy Online Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay

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    Ideology in this sense is not restricted to the secular and explicit political doctrines we usually associate with the term, but can include religion, culture, and the complex of moral values underlying any society as well. Our task is not to answer exhaustively the challenges to liberalism promoted by every crackpot messiah around the world, but only those that are embodied in important social or political forces and movements, and which are therefore part of world history. The notion that mankind has progressed through a series of primitive stages of consciousness on his path to the present, and that these stages corresponded to concrete forms of social organization, such as tribal, slave-owning, theocratic, and finally democratic-egalitarian societies, has become inseparable from the modern understanding of man Buy Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay Online at a discount

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    Yet the pull of the liberal idea continues to be very strong as economic power devolves and the economy becomes more open to the outside world. But the power of the liberal idea would seem much less impressive if it had not infected the largest and oldest culture in asia, china. Such nostalgia, in fact, will continue to fuel competition and conflict even in the post-historical world for some time to come. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. As we look around the contemporary world, the poverty of materialist theories of economic development is all too apparent.

    But gorbachevs tactical requirements should not blind us to the fact that the democratizing and decentralizing principles which he has enunciated in both the economic and political spheres are highly subversive of some of the most fundamental precepts of both marxism and leninism Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay For Sale

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    Fascism was destroyed as a living ideology by world war ii. Since the second world war, european nationalism has been defanged and shorn of any real relevance to foreign policy, with the consequence that the nineteenth-century model of great power behavior has become a serious anachronism. A sounder criticism of democracy in times of war would be to say that secrecy in military affairs becomes difficult, if not impossible, and that the opposition usually lowers the morale of people by its loud condemnation of the actions of the cabinet. The dictator must, of course, be one who has an exceptional ability to organize, direct and administer. I am not using the term fascism here in its most precise sense, fully aware of the frequent misuse of this term to denounce anyone to the right of the user For Sale Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay

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    There is a virtual consensus among the currently dominant school of soviet economists now that central planning and the command system of allocation are the root cause of economic inefficiency, and that if the soviet system is ever to heal itself, it must permit free and decentralized decision-making with respect to investment, labor, and prices. But the doctrine has little appeal for non-muslims, and it is hard to believe that the movement will take on any universal significance. The post-historical consciousness represented by new thinking is only one possible future for the soviet union, however. This is not to say that there are not rich people and poor people in the united states, or that the gap between them has not grown in recent years Sale Napoleon Vs. Hitler Essay






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